When you arrive to Bhutan you immidiately meet King Number 5 and his lovely wife:

Fotos of the King and his family, his father and grandfather and anchestry are omnipresent in Bhutan.  You quickly get a feeling that all Bhutanese adore and worship their King.

You can read it all on wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhutan

But in my own experience I summarize as follows:  10 years ago King Number 4, who is still alive, decided with his son King Number 5 to give away his power to his people.   A special designated commission of 26 highly respected people, of all parts of society and knowledge, sat together for months and created a new constitution for their country.  Then the King went personally to all his provinces and read the new proposed constitution for Bhutan to his people, asking for advice and improvements.  A truly remarkable and peaceful process was this to give away his power, to the people.   First elections then were held 10 years ago and since then democracy in a constitutional monarchy, similiar to Great Britain, is the ruling system.

The King insisted however on one thing:  He wanted a special department of government to measure and protect the „gross happiness product“ instead of just the GDP.   Bhutan is the only country where this is done.  About 70 government employees go around the